Published On: Tue, Feb 13th, 2018

Police to singers: Don’t glorify liquor, violence

punjab-police-bannerChandigarh-The groovy, foot-tapping Punjabi numbers that keep emerging as chart-busters have caught the attention of the Punjab Police as liquor, drugs and violence often feature in the lyrics.
Worried that songs glorifying liquor and violence may have an adverse effect on the impressionable minds of youngsters, men in khaki are now knocking at crooners’ doors asking them to sing a different tune.As part of a campaign to save the youth from moving towards illegal activities, Punjab Director General of Police Suresh Arora has directed all district SSPs to meet singers living in their areas and appeal about avoiding singing objectionable lyrics, an official said.“We are telling singers that they should understand their social responsibility. As liquor, arms and ammunition are glorified in songs these days, many people, especially the youth, tend to follow them and indulge in criminal activities,” Batala SSP Opinderjit Singh Ghuman said.
Ghuman met a famous Punjabi singer, Ranjit Bawa, in Batala and sought his support to ensure that songs replete with references to weapons and drugs are not churned out. Bawa, on his Facebook page, praised the initiative of the Punjab Police and hoped that offensive lyrics do not find place in Punjabi songs in future. — PTI

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