Published On: Tue, Mar 13th, 2018

MOVIE REVIEW – THE HURRICANE HEIST : It’s a hurricane, let it pass

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2018_3$largeimg09_Friday_2018_182250644Cheesy thrills and exaggerated violent storms have been focused on more than the story or even characters

Johnson Thomas

Rob xXx Cohen’s attempted disaster-heist thriller, kicks off with a traumatic incident, in 1992, when two young Alabama brothers see their father crushed to death by a water tower during Hurricane Andrew. Cut to 25 years later, Will (Toby Kebbell), now a daredevil weather expert and Breeze (Ryan Kwanten) a whiskey-guzzling womaniser who has taken over his dad’s towering business, are on the path of another hurricane called Tammy.

It’s a much more ferocious and destructive one than they ever experienced and they are the ones who stand tall when all hell breaks loose — what with a robbery of $600 million in greenbacks from a U.S. Treasury facility located just outside city limits, going down in all that natural furor.

This attempt at disaster-thriller hybrid doesn’t really have what it takes to be considered a solid entertainer. The entire movie is staged against a backdrop of torrential rain and 150 mph winds with CGI and stunt action ruling overwhelmingly over story and character development. It’s a tempestuous arrangement of cheesy thrills with a few exaggerated set-pieces and some violent killer storms.

The visceral mark-up is entirely temporary thereof. The computer-generated pressure systems look flaky at best. And the closing chase sequence is entirely over-the-top ridiculous. It just does not feel credible or believable, with the hurricane in-effect surrounding the characters at war with each other. This is an uneven, misshapen assemblage of tech and skill that is likely to be forgotten in the blink of an eye!

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