Published On: Sun, Sep 10th, 2017

Jassi’s husband hails order extraditing her mother, uncle to India

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2017_9$largeimg09_Saturday_2017_124126400Chandigarh : Jaswinder Kaur Jassi’s husband Sukhwinder Singh has hailed the Canadian Supreme Court’s decision allowing extradition of Jassi’s mother Malkiat Kaur and uncle Surjit Singh Badesha.

Reacting to the verdict, Sukhwinder alias Mithu said, “I have been living for this day only when Jassi’s killers would be sent to India and face trial for her murder. I have repeatedly dodged death in the past 17 years just in the hope of seeing the day.”

“Now, I can confront Malkiat and ask her why she considered her daughter’s love for me such a crime that she got her killed,” Mithu said, his voice choking as this correspondent broke the news to him on Saturday morning.

After the murder on June 8, 2000 by 14 contract killers, Punjab Police had charged both with conspiracy to murder Jassi for marrying Mithu against the family’s wishes. The police chargesheet said the two planned the conspiracy in Canada and got it executed in India.

Mithu drives a truck these days to earn a living and was on the road since early morning. “The whole purpose of my existence after Jassi’s murder has been to see her mother and uncle behind bars,” he said.

“Jassi and I got married with honour. Her family should have been mad at us had I not married Jassi. We followed the sanctity of marriage. I am still her husband. I have spurned numerous marriage offers. I want to tell her mother that our love was true and I was committed to Jassi,’ said Mithu, who did not budge despite “false police cases” slapped against him and “offers of money and land made” to withdraw his statement against the two.

Mithu and Jassi’s story has been the subject of a film, a book and a documentary by National Geographic.

Hailing the verdict, Mithu lamented that the Canadian government never allowed him to plead for the extradition in their courts. “Today, I believe there is justice in Canada. The government had stonewalled my request to visit Canada to pursue the case,” he said.

Mithu of Kaunke Khosa said he had weaved a life of love and happiness with Canadian-born Indian girl Jassi in the late 1990s. But when they got married against the wishes of Jassi’s parents, their dream life lasted only a few weeks. They were attacked by a group of contract killers, allegedly hired by Jassi’s mother and uncle. Jassi died; Mithu survived, but only to live a life of suffering.

Mithu had recently moved the two-member Justice Mehtab Singh Commission constituted to inquire into the false cases registered by Punjab Police in the past 10 years.

The cases against Mithu vary from rape, for which he spent three-and-a-half years in jail, to rioting, snatching and even smuggling drugs. He has been booked six times in different cases and acquitted in four.

“The cops who arrested me were sympathetic, but they wanted me to forget all about Jassi and my fight for justice. I have declined several marriage proposals as I can’t share my love for Jassi with anyone,” Mithu told The Tribune.

“Every offer of compromise I declined resulted in a new case being slapped against me,” he claimed before the commission. His application has been registered and notices sent to police.

“From an initial offer of Rs 10 lakh to the latest Rs 1.5 crore besides the ownership of 14 acres or a settled life abroad, the supporters of the accused have promised it to me. But I can’t trade my love for all this. I only want Jassi’s mother and uncle to be punished for what they did to us,” said Mithu.

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