Published On: Mon, Dec 4th, 2017

Indian expat’s success story in UAE

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carAbudhabi-The UAE offers opportunities galore to people with an undying spirit to make the impossible possible. And this has brought millions of hopefuls to its shores.When he landed in the UAE around 27 years back, Shajahan Abbas wanted to change his life. Today, he has proved that hard work and vision can help chart one’s course towards success and bring about a magical transformation.The man who started as a helper in a car wash firm is the owner of a big company – Oasis Group – today.It was in March 1990 that Shajahan with a Diploma in Information Technology and Arabic language skills reached the UAE from Kerala. He joined his father, who was employed in a car wash company in one of the emirates.

“I was a helper in that car wash firm and also tried my hand at other petty jobs but it didn’t work out. I realised my diploma wasn’t going to be of much help. I discussed the situation with my father and then we set up an automatic car wash firm in the suburbs,” Shajahan said, adding “back then, it was the first such establishment”.Shajahan had pumped all his savings into the ambitious project but the risk paid off.”I had faith in my ability and a clear vision. It was how Oasis Car Wash was born. There was an opportunity to grow and our business thrived.”

His success in one business saw him diversify into many other sectors. Today, Oasis Group has stakes in real estate and healthcare. It runs a super market, salons, and does charity work too.”This may seem a fairy tale and a cakewalk but there was lot of hard work involved. I have followed in the footsteps of many of my role models. I jumped into many boats initially and that was my fault. I got cheated and some of my ventures sank without a trace. However, all that was a great learning experience for me. In fact, I am learning even today.”Shajahan said the UAE has plethora of opportunities. “A man who came here in 1990 in search of job is running a company in 2017. Is there any other country in the world which offers so many opportunities and platform to grow, and doesn’t ask anything in return?”

“I owe my life to this country. I have succeeded in life because I landed here and nowhere else. I remain grounded and work along with my staff. I have learned this from the conduct of the UAE leaders.”The UAE, he said, continues to be on the move.”We will face problems but we need to find a way out. I am also continuing my journey to improve and edge out competition,” he said, while showing the latest designs and stickers that were used to decorate cars. “We did decoration works for more than 100 cars this National Day.”Shajahan is a loving husband to his wife Fathima and a doting father to his four children – Dana, Mohammad, Yamina and Zarmina.

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