Published On: Fri, Mar 30th, 2018

Domestic abuse: a taboo for the society-By Riya Dixit

What according to you are the places where women are unsafe? A survey was conducted and many of them answered that in buses, trains, on the roads at night or any at public place. Most of them stated that any place outside the home but did we ever think that are women really safe inside their own home?

Domestic Violence may not be a new word for all of you. We have been reading about this since so long, but this is the time we should raise our voice to stop it. What is domestic violence? A woman beaten by a man due to some family issues? Not just this, domestic violence has many other aspects too. Abusing any women physically, emotionally or mentally is violence and when it is from home it is considered to be domestic violence.

According to the reports by NCADV (National Coalition against Domestic Violence) every 1 out of 2 women is the victim of domestic violence. So, it will not be wrong to say that Domestic violence is way above than what we think of it. Now, the question arises why do women tolerate Violence against them? We cannot blame any woman or man for this. Our culture, our tradition our teachings should be held responsible for this, where we are always told that women are the slaves of men. Men can do whatever they want and women have to suffer no matter what. Men are always considered to be dominant person in the society.

In an exclusive interview with ACP Pooja Dabla conducted by me and Mandeep Singh, she gave her views on domestic violence and answered the questions to this matter. In one of her answers she stated “On an average we receive 15-20 cases per month. Cases are mostly related to misunderstandings between wife and the husband and some family problems which take the shape of domestic violence. The reason is lack of compatibility”. It is easily understood by this that domestic violence still takes place on a large scale in the society. After this, we went to Dr. Abhishek Anand, senior resident at lady Hardinge Hospital, to know more about domestic violence and what type of cases they get at the hospital. He reported that, Victims who come suffer from increased risk of medical conditions including acute musculoskeletal injuries, chronic pain, reproductive and gastrointestinal injuries and depression. He further highlighted that most of the cases are related to rape, child abuse, sexual assault and even sodomy.

It is very necessary to the take the view point of the psychologists on this matter so that we come to know about the mentality of the humans who perform such violence. While interviewing Dr.Kiran Sakkar Sudha, a psychologist we came across so many points related to violence. She said “Like we say that the personality of a human being is the result of both nature and nurture. If the person is performing domestic violence it can be because of aggression in the DNA, or the society in which the person is brought up also effect this. We need to understand that the people who do domestic violence deviate from a normal population.”

There are several strong laws and policies which the government has made so as to protect women from domestic violence. According to the PROTECTION OF WOMEN FROM DOMESTIC VIOLENCE ACT, 2005, no men can throw her wife out of the house even if the man owns the house. If you are a victim of domestic violence, you do not have to hire a lawyer for yourself. You can directly go to the protection officer or the Chief judicial magistrate and they will handle the case further. Also, THE 2013 CRIMINAL LAW AMENDMENT provides harsher and swifter punishment for those criminals who commit abuse against women even including the death sentence for particularly disturbing cases.

Domestic violence revolves around men and women. So, here are the views of some men on this. Unfortunately, most of the men still believes in beating their wives if something goes wrong  but we were so glad to hear the youngsters who are against domestic violence and want to finish the concept of it. They said “Government need to think more on this issue and should make very strict laws against it so that no men will dare to perform violence”.

Domestic violence does not only mean hurting a woman physically but to dishonor a woman in anyway. Here are some points which can be kept in mind to reduce domestic violence.

For the people who perform domestic violence:

1.Study the overall personality of the person. Counseling and training should be given with soft or hard methods depending upon the level of aggression.

For the people who are the victims of domestic violence

1.Do to remain quiet. Come forward; speak up.

2.Teach your daughters to speak up for themselves rather than telling them to tolerate.

3.Report it to the police. Have an open conversation with them regarding it. You will be helped out for sure.

4.Taking pre-marriage counseling sessions will help a lot. Automatically, the cases will get reduced if both the persons have good understanding and they know the challenges of marriage in advance.

5.Maintain your self-esteem. Allow no men to treat you with disrespect. You have all the rights not to tolerate any misbehavior.

  1. Please be aware of all the helplines and seek help through them, when in need.


Until and unless you will not come forward to help yourself, no one will come forward to help you!

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