Scientists in Italy have detected a fourth gravitational wave

This handout image received on February 27, 2017 from Sheffield University shows an artists rendering of the tidal disruption event in F01004-2237, which is 1.7 billion light years from Earth. The release of gravitational energy as the debris of the star is accreted by the black hole leads to a flare in the optical light of the galaxy.Supermassive black More...

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By punjaboutlook2015 On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017

list of diseases linked to air pollution is growing

To the residents of Donora, a mill town in a crook of the Monongahela River, the daily haze from nearby zinc and steel plants was the price of keeping their families fed. But on October 27, 1948, the city awoke More...

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Brain scan as ‘lie detector’ for inappropriate pain, say scientists

Toronto : In view of the growing demand for developing a “lie detector” test for chronic pain based on brain scans, a task force consisting of researchers from around the world has advised against such More...

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Can coral reefs survive rapid pace of climate change?

With water getting warmer, carbon dioxide level rising and bleaching events becoming more frequent, a team of Australian researchers has issued advice that more research is urgently required to determine whether More...

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Who owns Mars? Mining puts spotlight on out of this world property claims

Toronto : Can anyone claim the red planet or natural resources on asteroids? Business leaders and legal experts say the question has become more than philosophical as a growing number of firms, often backed by capital More...

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Internet overuse may lead to neuropsychiatric dysfunctions’, new research says

Internet overuse has risen to epidemic proportions and people are becoming vulnerable to many neuropsychiatric dysfunctions such as irritation, anxiety, obsessive compulsion, revealed research by a network of doctors, More...

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How goldfish make alcohol to survive without oxygen decoded

London : Scientists have uncovered how the goldfish produce alcohol to survive harsh winters beneath frozen lakes, a remarkable ability that makes it one of the most resilient pets under human care. Humans and More...

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Facebook rolls out video shows, in new challenge

San Francisco : Facebook is rolling out a new video service offering professionally produced shows in a challenge to rivals such as YouTube, and potentially to streaming providers like Netflix. The Facebook service More...

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कांग्रेसी ने की ऐसी हरकत की नंगा कर पीटा, बाइक पर बैठा थाने ले गए

लंबी/मलोट.सत्ता तब्दील होते ही कुछ कांग्रेसी लीडरों और वर्करों ने मनमानी और धक्केशाही More...

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चंडीगढ़ केस: बोले IAS पिता- बेटी पर गर्व है, लड़ूंगा, न झुकूंगा, न पीछे हटूंगा

हरियाणा बीजेपी के अध्यक्ष सुभाष बराला के बेटे विकास बराला और उसके साथी द्वारा की More...