Published On: Mon, Feb 5th, 2018

2019 in Making: Time shall tell the Tale -Mohan Sethi

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MOHAN SETHIAs expected, The Union Budget predominantly prevailed in the Media this week. Labeled as the Last Full Budget of Modi Government, it drew applause and criticism almost in the same measure. Whatever was flagged by the fans of Modi, the opponents were equally vocal in lowering its value. For example, the emphasis on Rural economy and Health Care for the poor was easily drowned in the noise by the Opposition demanding justice for the Middle Class. The listener, the layman, fully confused – whether they were discussing Economics , or, Politics?. Well, one thing was clear: Everyone seemed to be preparing for the 2019 Elections !…Time shall tell the results.

Now, coming to a specific Headline deserving analysis:

“She’s Got a Ticket to Ride”

IE/28Jan/Sarah Hafeez…There is a new force on Uttar Pradesh’s Roads – a troop of women bus conductors criss-crossing the State as they learn to stare down bullies, deal with harassment and enjoy the drive. This is the first time that UP Roadways has put women on the road. Initially, drivers did not help, passengers misbehaved. But no Longer. In a loud voice laced with authority, the lady conductor directs passengers to the few remaining seats. She asks a male passenger to shift to a rear seat so a mother and child don’t have to shuffle to the back of the AC bus. “There is space for everyone, please stop making a fuss,” she scolds a passenger, as she begins to collect the fare. Everyone listens to her. Wow !..

Earlier, on the Republic Day Parade, the way the women Motorcyclists drew standing ovation from the crowds, it was clear that the women could do wonders, given a chance. Superb !…

The Changing Times already seemed – telling the Tale.

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