Published On: Mon, Feb 12th, 2018

2019 in Making: Ready to Pay the Price for Being Strict ?

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MOHAN SETHIBy Mohan Sethi-Cracking a laughter during the Prime Minister’s speech in the Parliament by Congress’s Renuka Chowdhury, or, degrading a ‘self-employed Pakora-seller’, as suggested by the Prime Minister, to a ‘beggar’, by the ex-Finance Minister, Mr. Chidambaram, could never be considered ‘decent, or, even parliamentary’. It could only be treated with contempt for being a part of the cheap pranks of the Opposition.

But the fact is that the Opposition has got an opportunity to hit. Certain policies adopted by the current rulers, including, rightly or wrongly, the emphasis on cow-protection, have resulted in mass unemployment and could only be ignored by Modi ji and BJP at the cost of their own survival.

Let’s be frank : For example- the Buchar-khanas, irrespective, whether or not, they are legal and constitutional. Due to their closing down, lakhs of people, belonging to Dalit communities, besides the Muslims, engaged in dairy farming , leather and meat industries, have been rendered jobless by the strict enforcement of laws by Modi-Yogi governments, giving rise to anger and alienation across india.

Agog with terrible jokes and livid cartoons, the social media is showing up all against the Modi Government, whether one likes it or not.

The loss of all the 3 bi-elections by the ruling BJP in Rajasthan, last week, is simply making it impossible to deny, and, also raising serious questions.

Lo and behold, here comes another bomb-buster, making at least 10 lakhs more youngsters simmer with anger, in just 4 days. Have a look at this headline:

“UP Board Exams 2018: Security efforts cause 10 lakh students to drop out of exam, cheating instances fall”…

Updated: Feb 10, 2018 | Times Now/ In the wake of Uttar Pradesh Chief Minister Yogi Aditynath’s crackdown against the use of unfair means the state board examination, this year has recorded a mass dropout of over 10 lakh students in just 4 days. A number of CCTV camera have been installed in exam halls in addition to the use of STF and local intelligence to check activities of education mafia. All the possible unfair means that can be used during the exams have been studied to prevent cheating include frisking students before they enter the examination halls, dividing centres in sectors, appointing administrative officers as sector magistrates and issuing prohibitory orders within 100 meters of the center.

QUESTION IS: How far and how much shall the current dispensation deal with such nasty, nefarious, illegal and unconstitutional, conditions prevailing for decades under the previous BSP and the Samajwadi Governments?

Quite clearly, if the government is seeking to come to the expectations of the people, for another term in 2019, it is time they rectify the faults, and/or, find solutions, before it is too late.

Are they really prepared to come out of the hole in due time ? – 2019 Not Being Very Far !

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