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NAPA call for online voting in Lok Sabha elections

NAPA call for online voting in Lok Sabha elections

 MILPITAS (CALIFORNIA) : Indian expatriates in North America have called upon their government of India to allow them to vote online for the upcoming general elections. Releasing this statement Dalwinder Singh Dhoot Chairman North American Punjabi Association (NAPA) said that national elections are to begin in India on April 7, and the question of voting for NRIs surfaced once again as a point of discussion and debate in the community. Although the government of India has made it possible for NRI voters to register online, they still need to travel to their home country to exercise their voting rights in their respective constituencies. In the western countries only there are an estimated six million Indians, many of whom are of the opinion that it is high time that the government considers extending the facility of biometric voting. Dhoot said that we are viewed as non-reliable Indians and not as Non-resident Indians. The government spends large money on arranging the Pravasi Bharatiya Divas (PBD) every year in January. The objective is to keep the Indian Diaspora stay connected to their country of origin. But what about our voting rights? Why can't they make it online? Our democracy is vibrant  and we should be glad that we are citizens of a democratic country. The right to vote is given to every Indian by birth and by our constitution so why not exercise it? Online voting has been a longstanding demand of NRI community to the government of India but according to our knowledge the election commission is a bit hesitant about it. Dhoot said we met the then  Election Commissioner of India Mr S.Y.Qureshi  in New Delhi in the month of  Feb 2012 and he promised us that he will find a solution of this problem. But nothing done as yet added Dhoot 


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